May the road always rise to meet you, may the wind be always be at your back.

The original Hooks (brothers Keith and Ronan Mulligan) had their beginning in the working class town of Sligo, Ireland, in a shed their father built them (to lessen the din of young rock stars in the making). You see, they were driving their mother mental by playing, loud, cheap guitars and wailing Bowie covers. Something had to be done: they needed to be heard. Fast forward 10 years, a plane ride to San Francisco and a few pints and compatriots later (Willy Gregory, bassist, Chet Hamby and drummer Colin Delaney) — The Hooks were born.

In between moving furniture, pouring pints, and slaving to build the American Dream for themselves and their families, these Irish rockers have been in the studio recording their latest album, Social Climbing, due for release January, 2017.

Lean, mean, and tight as a Bodhran drum, their eyes (and guitars) are pointed to their homeland of County Sligo for inspiration — something legendary and revolutionary is bound to happen (with the right resources). Vacillating between the agit-pop driven punk rock they are famous for, interspersed with galloping Irish Trad (played fast and loud, and sometimes in Gaelic) — you remember what rebellion sounds like— and are happy these gunslingers are carrying on that noble Celtic tradition (with a twist). Prolific songwriters with those indelible ‘hooks’ for which they are known and named, bring over 4 decades of musicianship to the table. 

After the initial release of two EP’s and gaining local success and critical acclaim in San Francisco’s Bay they released their debut full length ‘Everything Is Golden’ LP on 12" colored vinyl and digital CD.

The Hooks toured America and Europe after these two releases, bringing their sound to their native Ireland, Swiss Castles, SXSW and the music festival circuit in Europe.Recording sessions for our new album ‘Social Climbing’ have already begun with Alberto Hernandez III at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley — a master mixer and producer. In his wheel house are a few of these ‘small’ recordings: Green Day Dookie, Europe - The Final Countdown, Too Short - Life Isare a few o, Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese, Rancid And Out Come the Wolves, Santana - Supernatural, Richard Thompson - Grizzly Man (Original Soundtrack).Feature films were mixed in Studio A as well, including Academy Award winners One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Apocalypse Now, Amadeus and The English Patient 

Heure : 20:30:00

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